Meet Crystal Ligon…

The visionary force behind Spa Crystal, where a 17-year journey in the spa industry meets a passion for personalized wellness. As the founder, Crystal is more than a practitioner – she’s your dedicated guide on a transformative journey.

Crystal, a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and Licensed Esthetician (LE), intricately blends various modalities in her massage sessions, going beyond mere relaxation to create a bespoke path toward inner balance. In skincare, her holistic approach at Spa Crystal aim for a lasting, transformative glow that reflects the radiance within each client.

Beyond the spa, Crystal is a wife, mom, avid reader, self-proclaimed foodie, and devoted enthusiast of all things wellness and self-care. Adding a unique touch to Spa Crystal, her personal understanding of life’s multifaceted journey creates a connection that goes beyond the ordinary. As a science lover, Crystal is consistently immersed in learning, developing her craft, and refining techniques.

Spa Crystal is more than a luxurious escape; it’s a partnership in your self-care ritual, led by Crystal’s dedication, expertise, and commitment to the evolving art and science of well-being.
You’re invited to join Crystal, a practitioner and kindred spirit, as your companion on the path to radiant well-being.